VITO Oil Filter Sysytem

Optimal Rules of Frying

Ensure quality - save costs

You want to preserve the quality of your fried foods while minimizing costs?
These 12 easy steps will help you to satisfy your customers and ensure your success!

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Ensure quality with the VITO oiltester!

Heat up your fryer correctly! Choose the correct temperature for your food! Test it with the VITO oiltester.

Use dry food!

Try to use dry food and shake off crumbs before frying!

Don't salt the food before frying

Avoid to salt the food before frying!

Top up oil regularly to load level!

Top up oil regularly to load level!

Use separate fryers for different products!

For best results use separate fryers for different sorts of products!

Don‘t overload your frying basket!

Don‘t overload your frying basket! (Ratio 1:10)

Remove big crumbs!

Remove big crumbs by skimming the surface!

NEVER salt and flavor above the fryer!

NEVER salt and flavor your food above the fryer!

decrease the temperature when not in use!

While not using the fryer for a longer time, decrease the temperature! (250° - 265°F)

Filter your oil daily!

Filter your oil after every service! (Use the VITO Oil Filter System to get the best outcome!).

Cover your oil after service!

Cover your oil to prevent oxidation!

Keep record of your oil filtrations!

Keep record of your oil filtrations and changes to follow the HACCP standards!

As you can see it is very easy to ensure the quality of the fried food while saving costs.

You can request these simple steps including the HACCP sheet printed for your kitchen via the contact form.